Expertises and research


Accreditation in the field of computer-technical research of existing and previously deleted information on digital media and in telecommunication networks in accordance with the requirements of DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17025:2019.

The most modern equipment and software from the world's leading manufacturers are used for the search and analysis of evidence.

The first and only private forensic expert in Ukraine with the right to conduct computer-technical and telecommunication expertise.

The quality and efficiency of CyberLab's expertises are highly appreciated by both corporate clients and law enforcement agencies.


The term of the examination depends on the specifics of the request. The minimum period of execution is _______ days.


The minimum cost is ____________. The final amount is calculated based on the amount of time spent by the expert and the specifics of the examination.


The CyberLab expert's conclusion can be used as full-fledged evidence in court.