Development and implementation of data protection systems

An integrated information security system is a set of organisational and engineering measures, software and hardware that ensure the protection of information in an information and telecommunications system.

Cyberlab provides a full range of services for the development and implementation of comprehensive information security systems.

Integrated information security systems include measures and tools that implement methods and mechanisms for protecting information from unauthorised actions and unauthorised access to information, which can be carried out by connecting to equipment and telecommunications networks, disguising as a registered user, overcoming security measures to use information or impose false information, using embedded devices or programmes, and using malicious software.

Our experts carry out a full cycle of work on examination, analysis, evaluation, followed by the development, implementation and modernisation of integrated information security systems.

Stages of designing and implementing integrated information security systems:

1. Survey of the information system environment.

Analysis of:
1.1 Organisational documents that regulate the functioning of the information system;
1.2 General structural scheme and composition of equipment, hardware and software and their connections;
1.3 Type and characteristics of communication channels;
1.4 Peculiarities of interaction of individual components, their mutual influence on each other.

2. Inventory of resources and determination of information processing features, taking into account the information technologies used.

3. Drawing up the results of the examination of the operating environment and inventory in the form of an appropriate act.

4. Design of integrated information security systems:

4.1 Development of technical specifications;
4.2 Development of information security policies (formation of general requirements, rules, restrictions, recommendations);
4.3 Determining the potential of possible offenders and creating models of information security threats;
4.4 Minimising risks based on the examination of the information system environment;
4.5 Development of a project of integrated information security systems.

5. Implementation of integrated information security systems and assessment of information security in the information and telecommunications system.

5.1 Preparation of organisational structure and development of administrative documents regulating information security activities;
5.2 Training of users;
5.3 Commissioning and adjustment works;
5.4 Preliminary tests;
5.5 Trial operation.

Based on the results of the work, an act on the completion of trial operation is drawn up in any form.

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