Information security as a process

Information security is a process of practice that includes policies and principles for protecting digital data and other types of information. The application of information security is part of an overall cybersecurity programme.

Cyberlab’s information security specialists monitor the state of the IT infrastructure for potential threats. For this purpose, modern technologies are used to detect, analyse and prevent incidents.

The main tasks performed by our specialists are the constant analysis of large amounts of information, recognition of real danger and its elimination.

Continuous search, monitoring and analysis of intrusions into information systems.
Preventing threats.
Checking company networks for vulnerability and analysing security incidents.
Filtering false positives and quick response to confirmed incidents.
Unified data management.

By accumulating information about incidents in one place, the risk of losing critical data is reduced, as hacker methods are constantly improving.

The use of advanced technologies and software allows us to effectively identify information security threats and predict possible incidents in advance, which significantly reduces the likelihood of threats being realised.

With many years of experience, we offer the best solutions to ensure the cybersecurity of your information resources.