IT infrastructure audit

An IT infrastructure audit is an assessment process that determines the current state of your information systems to identify information security risks based on your organisation's circumstances. Conducting an IT infrastructure audit is essential to maintaining a secure, stable, efficient and successful organisation. An audit provides an in-depth analysis of resources and provides insight into what needs to be improved or modernised.

Cyberlab specialists carry out a set of measures to audit the IT infrastructure, including, but not limited to, asset inventory, research and analysis of the components of the information system. Also, during the IT audit, the infrastructure is assessed for compliance with the company’s requirements, and the necessity and possibilities of modernisation are identified.

Based on the results of the IT infrastructure audit, a Report is generated indicating the current and target state of IT processes, the necessary measures and the expected result.

IT infrastructure audit includes:

Research and inventory of hardware and software
Analysis of network equipment configurations
Conducting stress testing
Analysis of documentation regulating information security processes
Analysis of licensing and service guarantees
Information security risk assessment
Establishment of a list of security measures objectives